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York Bathroom Furniture Range - From Only £116.99!
In stock now from just £116.99 including VAT! Hurry while stocks last!

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The York Bathroom Furniture Range from Synergy features a wonderfully timeless look. Drawing inspiration from both vintage style trends and the most modern bathroom advances, this furniture set delivers the best of both worlds. This is reflected in the wide variety of sizes and colours available, as well as your ability to choose between Modern or Traditional tops - all of which allows you to fully customise your bathroom furniture to match your own unique tastes. It is this high level of flexibility, as well as the superb build quality and great value price, that has made this the must-have furniture range for so many of our customers.
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The past meets the present in this stunning bathroom furniture range.

Unlike many other bathroom furniture ranges which are styled to fit only Modern or Classical type bathrooms, the York range is unique in its ability to look great in any home, regardless of its surroundings. This is thanks to the way in which Synergy's designers have adopted a timeless approach, mixing both traditional and cutting edge design features into one stunning package.

Factor in also the striking colour range the York furniture set offers, with its luxuriously original selection of Grey, Cream or Cobalt - a welcome change away from the more common and occasionally drab Browns and Blacks offered elsewhere. It is this memorable mixture of eye-catching styling and stunning colours which makes the York range such a talking point. This sublime range of high quality bathroom furniture is bound to make your bathroom stand out from the crowd - and at a highly competitive price too.

The York bathroom furniture range offers unbeatable variety.

Perhaps more than any other bathroom furniture range available anywhere today, the York bathroom furniture range offers a massive choice of colour and sizing combinations, allowing you maximum flexibility when designing your new bathroom. These choices are as follows - please make your selection from the drop-down menus near the bottom of this page:

The York furniture set is available with these options - click on the image to enlarge

1. SY-BCB112 500mm WC Unit - Grey SY-BCB113 500mm WC Unit - Cream SY-BCB114 500mm WC Unit - Cobalt
2. SY-BCB100 600mm WC Unit - Grey SY-BCB101 600mm WC Unit - Cream SY-BCB102 600mm WC Unit - Cobalt
2. SY-TOP101 600mm Modern Unit Top SY-TOP100 600mm Traditional Unit Top  
3. SY-BCB103 800mm Vanity Unit - Grey SY-BCB104 800mm Vanity Unit - Cream SY-BCB105 800mm Vanity Unit - Cobalt
3. SY-TOP103 800mm Modern Unit Top SY-TOP102 800mm Traditional Unit Top  
4. SY-BCB106 450mm Floor Cupboard - Grey SY-BCB107 450mm Floor Cupboard - Cream SY-BCB108 450mm Floor Cupboard - Cobalt
5. SY-BCB109 400mm Drawer Unit - Grey SY-BCB110 400mm Drawer Unit - Cream SY-BCB111 400mm Drawer Unit - Cobalt

Create your ideal bathroom setting with the VIP Bathrooms selection of furniture.

Gone are the days when the bathroom was just a functional room. Today's modern bathroom is a place where you can unwind and relax, with a range of stylish yet practical bathroom furniture options that will make a bathroom you'll be proud to call your own. These eye-catching bathroom furniture sets feature a choice of matching furniture cabinets, basin stands and wall units, available in various colours and styles. Combining modern practicality and intelligent design, the bathroom furniture range from VIP allows a higher level of customisation for your bathroom.

Whether you’re in desperate need of storage space or simply want to upgrade a tired bathroom, our range of quality bathroom furniture is perfect for you and your needs. Furniture makes up a large part of the bathroom, which is why it can play a huge part in setting the entire tone of your bathing area. This is why we stock a wide range of bathroom furniture, encompassing many different styles, sizes and types. From space-saving and stylish vanity units to entire bathroom furniture packs, we have an unmatched selection that guarantees style and affordability, using only the finest materials in the business.

The York Bathroom Furniture Range includes the following:
  • A choice of Modern or Traditional Tops
  • Available in a wide range of size and colour combinations
  • Timeless styling and design ensures this furniture will never look out of date
  • Bold, striking colour options to set these items apart from the crowd
  • Manufactured to the very highest standards
  • Product is in stock
  • Superb value item

The great value price, plus the high quality of manufacturing, makes this the ideal choice for your home.

Available in a wide range of sizes and colours
(please select via drop-down menus below).

The Synergy York Bathroom Furniture Range comes with a superb 5 year guarantee


500mm WC Unit

The York 500mm WC Unit is available in a choice of three colours. If you would like this unit as part of your order, please select your choice of colour from the menu below...

600mm Vanity Unit (Including Top & Basin)

The 600mm York Vanity Unit is available with either a Modern or Traditional Top included as standard, and in three colours. If you would like this unit including in your order, please select your preferred top and colour from the menu below...

800mm Vanity Unit (Including Top & Basin)

Available in three colours and with either a Modern or Traditional Top as standard, the York 800mm Vanity Unit can easily be added to your order via the drop-down menu below...

450mm Floor Cupboard

The 450mm Floor Cupboard that accompanys this stylish range comes in a choice of three colours, selectable via the menu below...

400mm Drawer Unit

Why not finish the look by selecting the York 400mm Drawer Unit from the menu below? Available in 3 stylish colours, this is the perfect addition to any bathroom...

With Basin Tap?

These taps can be added to your order via the menu below

Why not complete the look by adding a stunning designer tap to the unit? These can easily be added via the menu below...

The above taps are only a sample of our full range, which has a wide variety of styles available. To see our range of taps click here.

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