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IL-9 Illuminated Mirror With Demister Pad & Infra-Red Switch
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The IL-9 Synergy Illuminated Mirror is a stylish backlit bathroom mirror and is operated "hands free" using an infra-red switch situated on the right hand side of the mirror. The mirror also features a de-mister pad to stop the mirror steaming up in the humid atmosphere of a bathroom. The mirror is framed in aluminium - again, perfect for a humid environment.
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Quality throughout, at a superb price.

The lights fitted meet all applicable British Electrical Standards and are arranged around the perimeter of the mirror. The safe and easy to use infrared switch enables the user to activate the lighting with a simple movement of the hand under the sensor, no need for an unsightly pull cord or finger marks on the mirror.

The demister pad will ensure steamy bathroom mirrors are a thing of the past and leave your mirror fog free. The heated demister pad will heat the mirror to a few degress above room temperature within 2 -3mins, preventing the mirror from misting. The demisting effect will spread approximately 10-20% further than the pad itself.

The mirror is IP44 rated suitable for bathroom zones 2 and 3. This means the mirror can be fitted in area where it may be splashed, anywhere within 0.6 metres of a basin or similar water source.

The mirror measures 700 (h) x 500mm (w) and is accompanied by a superb 5 year guarantee as standard, which is a testament to the outstanding quality of this item.

This superb modern illuminated mirror is available at an extremely competitive price and is of the highest quality, making it an ideal choice for any bathroom setting.

The IL-9 Synergy Illuminated Mirror With Heated Demister Pad & Infra-Red Switch boasts the following features:
  • Heated Demister Pad to Stop Mirror Steaming Up
  • Infrared Wave Sensor
  • IP44 Rated
  • Wired Into Your Mains Supply
  • 700 (h) x 500mm (w)
  • Product code: SY-IL-9
  • Product is in stock
  • Superb value item

The IL-9 Synergy Illuminated Mirror With Heated Demister Pad & Infra-Red Switch comes with a superb 5 year guarantee

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