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Low Profile Rectangular Shower Trays - From Only £75.99!
In stock now from just £75.99 including VAT! Hurry while stocks last!

Click here to see the full size image
Click here to see the full size image
The Arley Hydro 45 Low Profile Rectangular Shower Trays are high quality and manufactured to the very highest standards, but are available at an extremely competitive price. Such is the quality and reliability of these superb shower trays, they come with a 25 year guarantee as standard, providing you with unbeatable peace of mind. These are the perfect accompaniment to the range of stylish designer Shower Enclosures available from VIP Bathrooms, or as a replacement for an existing shower tray.
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A Modern Look Combined With Timeless Practicality.

This is a deluxe minimalist contemporary style quadrant range of shower trays in white, ABS capped acrylic bonded resin. Available in many sizes therefore suitable for almost any bathroom or en suite, these trays offer a high level of flexibility. Trays are 45mm high and can be installed to the floor or with a rise kit up to 145mm high - these riser packs are sold separately.

Please use the drop-down menu near the bottom of this page to specify the size of shower tray you require. In the unlikely event of the size you need being unavailable, please contact our dedicated sales team on 01942 885700, and we can happily source an alternative.


Low Profile Shower Trays that are built to impress and made to last.

Get the most use out of limited space with the VIP Bathrooms range of shower trays. These high quality, reliable trays can be fitted into tight corners or possibly as a complete bath replacement and a large walk in shower style. Each of the options below represents the latest trends for low level shower trays, and comes in a range of sizes that can be specified to meet your unique bathroom requirements. These are versatile, practical and well built low profile shower trays that are made to last and provide leak free shower enjoyment.

Product Code Description VIP Price
238H8070 800 x 700mm £75.99
238H9070 900 x 700mm £84.99
238H9076 900 x 760mm £84.99
238H9080 900 x 800mm £91.99
238H1070 1000 x 700mm £100.99
238H1076 1000 x 760mm £100.99
238H1080 1000 x 800mm £108.99
238H1090 1000 x 900mm £114.99
238H1176 1100 x 760mm £106.99
238H1180 1100 x 800mm £112.99
238H1190 1100 x 900mm £116.99
238H1270 1200 x 700mm £106.99
238H1276 1200 x 760mm £106.99
238H1280 1200 x 800mm £106.99
238H1290 1200 x 900mm £106.99
238H1380 1300 x 800mm £194.99
238H1470 1400 x 700mm £194.99
238H1480 1400 x 800mm £194.99
238H1490 1400 x 900mm £201.99
238H1570 1500 x 700mm £231.99
238H1576 1500 x 760mm £231.99
238H1580 1500 x 800mm £240.99
238H1670 1600 x 700mm £225.99
238H1676 1600 x 760mm £237.99
238H1680 1600 x 800mm £256.99
238H1690 1600 x 900mm £262.99
238H1770 1700 x 700mm £293.99
238H1776 1700 x 760mm £293.99
238H1780 1700 x 800mm £309.99
238H1780 1700 x 900mm £309.99
Note: Please select your preferred size from the drop-down menu below
The Arley Hydro 45 Low Profile Rectangular Shower Trays range boasts the following features:
  • 32 Litre Flow Per Minute
  • ABS Capped Acrylic Bonded Resin Tray
  • 45mm High Low Profile Shower Tray
  • Available In A HUGE Range Of Sizes
  • 90mm Fast Flow Waste Available (See Below)
  • Riser Kit & Legs Available (See Below)
  • Product is in stock
  • Superb value item

The Arley Hydro 45 Low Profile Rectangular Shower Trays comes with a superb 25 year guarantee as standard

The Arley Hydro 45 Low Profile Rectangular Shower Trays comes with a superb 25 year guarantee

Shower Tray Size

Please select the size of rectangular shower tray you require via the drop-down menu below...

With Waste?

These high quality shower trays are provided without a waste as standard. However a 90mm Fast Flow Waste to suit can easily be included by selecting from the menu below...

With Riser & Leg Pack?

Depending on your bathroom, an additional Riser & Leg Pack may be required. You can easily add one of these to your order via the drop-down menu below...

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